Welcome! This page is still under construction, just like all is, but you can check my recent and on going work projects with some videos, photos and stories by clicking the  Menu and then Projects tab. Happy autumn days from Finland!


Photo on 03-10-2017 at 22.35
69°02’50.5″N 20°31’25.1″E


Moving on…. and on!

Okay, this year it’s 20 years since I first started training circus and entered the bubbly, happy, challenging, rocky and so full-filling field of life called performing arts. I thought I’ll celebrate it by finally making my own webpage! Welcome back in a little while once I’ve learned how to do it.

1002633_516056041815455_1709415768_n copy
Photo by Mattias Edwall for Cirkus Cirkör in 2004 | mattiasedwall.com